Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where Mama Can't Find Me

So I've been at the blogging thing for about a little over a month now and I've posted a whopping total of THREE times, so what made me think that I could run two blogs at the same time when I don't even have the discipline to run one? I don't actually have a clever answer to that, but that's okay considering my readership consists of 1.) me; and 2.) my husband (when I can harass him into it.)

My other blog has a few more than that--thank goodness for family. It's got pretty pictures, and entries about spending afternoons in the garden or baking with my daughter, and all seems lovely, and my mama likes to look at it. But the truth is, sometimes I like to complain, or think about random, unrelated, what can I do to live my life with intention...or, what has Phoebe Cates been doing with herself these days... and, oh, my Filofax, how my love for you is bordering on unhealthy/obscene. (More on those things later...) And, sometimes, I like to sprinkle my writings with a liberal dose of the word "fuck". Mama would not approve.

So here is where I can hog up a little corner of cyberspace, and use it as a dumping ground for my head, and say the word "fuck," and avoid my mama's disapproval (yes, I am almost 40 and my own woman, but I hate to disappoint her--it makes me feel like I've just crushed a baby bunny under my platform heel.) And, hey, if I can amuse someone other than myself along the way, then--yay! I've contributed to the universe somehow!

Oh, and about that Filofax? Behold...

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