Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

I don't know why it's taken me so long to realize this, but time really is quite relative, particularly if you are a mother of a three-year-old. Because 10 minutes in mom-time is nothing at all like 10 minutes in normal time. Usually, if I find myself running 10 minutes behind on a regular basis, I just prepare 10 minutes earlier than usual, thus compensating for my lateness.

Not so when trying to get ready in the morning with my daughter. I found that we were regularly leaving the house 10 minutes later than I'd planned for, so I set my alarm 10 minutes earlier...and we still left the house 10 minutes late. OK, I thought to myself, I have to allow for time to chase her down for tooth brushing, time to argue about face washing, and time for her to decide if she wants to wear blue shoes or pink shoes, but not brown, because-brown-is-ugly-and-a-boy's-stinky-color-mommy! So I thought, let's set the alarm 20 minutes earlier, because that should give us plenty of time for getting-ready-tug-of-war and still give me time to put on lipstick. Yet, still we leave the house at the same time as if I'd slept in those 20 minutes!

Which leads me to believe that I would probably have to get up a whole hour earlier, in order to leave my house 10 minutes earlier, in order to be on time to get my daughter to pre-school and me to work by 8 o'clock. A sacrifice I am just not willing to make.

So, my solution? Find a Time Lord who would be willing to bend time and space to get me to work at 8 o'clock, while still allowing me and my girl to sleep in until 7:30. And while he's at it, maybe rewrite a little history so that I can take back that evening in 1997, when my husband dragged me to see the most painful movie in the history of the Batman franchise.

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