Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Biting Isn't Nice

The other day, my daughter bit me. She was being the teacher and explaining that biting isn't nice and saying, "You wouldn't like it if someone bit you, would you?"

Then she leaned in for what I thought was a snuggle. Little Girl Nice Guy opened up her little rosebud mouth, showed me her pearly little teeth, and !@*!@*!

She looked very surprised at my outburst and asked, "Why did you yell?"

I said, "Because you bit me and it hurt."

She plaintively said, "I didn't bite you. I was showing you it is not nice to bite. You wouldn't like it if someone bit you." Then she tried to bite me again! This time I was quick and dodged those sharp little teeth.

"Mommy, I was just trying to show you." She shook her head sadly--like she was disappointed. Probably thinking her lesson went unlearned.


  1. Haha! She is too cute! And an excellent teacher even if she is a little bit dangerous. :-)

  2. Haha! I guess some might call her teachings "based on reality, not theory." Yikes!