Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two Are Better Than One

The sensible shopper, when faced with two equally attractive possibilities, weighs the pros and cons of each item, examines true need versus impulse, and eventually arrives at a sensible decision.

But I wouldn't know because when have I ever been a sensible shopper?

That's right--check it, bay-bee. I bought the A5 Chameleon in Spring Green AND the A5 Adelphi in Scarlet!

OK, I did try to compare one to the other and had hoped, rather briefly and not all that sincerely, that one would come out on top. But in the end, I loved them both and feel no guilt and no regrets!

Even better, I found perfect uses for both, so now I will share my systems (and expose my not-so-inner-geekery.)

First up is my Chameleon, lovely, unique, just the right size.

This is my "cover page," a silly photo strip of my daughter that never fails to crack me up when I look at it, and a homemade birthday card (made of supplies from his office) that my husband gave to me.

Then comes another top opening clear envelope in which I keep things I don't want to forget about, a credit card holder page for ID, cards, etc., a personal info page that I just made using the remnants of scrapbooking papers I used to make my tabbed dividers (not pictured.)

Then come the dividers themselves. I didn't label them because I am fickle and change things around too much to be able to commit, but I don't have a lot of sections (and no subsections at all) so remembering what goes where isn't really a problem. Here is my Goals/Projects/Lists section.

Then comes a section for Blog Notes (I know--two blogs and no readers outside of family, but I'm a scribbler and my blog notes get their own section, OK?).

Then--isn't this clever?--my diary pages.

I'm using the week-on-two-pages format that came with it. It felt a little odd using the column format, but I think I could get used to it. At least till the end of the year. But I think I might go to the day-per-page format in 2012 as my week still looks like a hot mess.

Then a section for notes that might go into my personal journal.

Then a section for inspiration--art, fashion, hair-dos I might try.

Finally a section for key information (key--get it???): websites I use, encrypted passwords, contacts, medications, etc.

I love looking at my tabs.

And I love how much room there is to write--my handwriting stays largely intact even with the rings. I find that the binder lays flat quite easily. But it could be because my diary pages are pretty much dead center in the binder so there is equal weight distribution when it is open. It's not as heavy as I thought it would be and fits perfectly in my handbag.

I also have the Post-It insert (it was dismantled by my daughter so I just replaced the Post-Its), a jot pad, the portable hole punch, and an extra pen, but I didn't want to bulk out too much, so I keep those things (which are handy but not used daily) in a small mesh bag.

So, that's my Chameleon. Perfect for everyday/work needs and not too heavy to lug around. Stay tuned...I'll introduce you to my Scarlet Adelphi next.


  1. ok, so you officially suck. i keep looking at this chameleon. you have the only extensive picture-filled writeup on this f*ing beautiful a5 thing that is DESTINED come live with me someday. of course i'm thinking black, however heh heh

  2. I have to admit, I fall in love with this one more and more every day. My Adelphi is my personal journal, but I love the Chameleon so much, I write my journal pages in her just for the pleasure, then transfer them to my Adelphi.

    You should TOTALLY get the black Chameleon! A5 all the way!

  3. ok. so I compromised and ordered an a5 domino snake but it's from the uk so who knows when I'll be getting it. if I like it I think I'll go crazy and get the a5 Cham in AQUA ;O! totally living on the edge heh heh

  4. Your dividers are beautiful! Did you make them?
    Arrrrgh I will stop reading your blog as you are giving me cravings with all of your lovely stuff!

  5. How did you make those AMAZING dividers? I have to know!!! Love your blog and writeups!

  6. Ok, the divider with the clocks for your diary are utter genius! <3 it!
    You're not finding the A5 to much to carry around?

  7. Beautiful tabbed dividers! How do you find its portability? Not too taxing? Mine get heavy very quickly. :)

    @SNARL I will bring my A5 snake on Saturday!

  8. @SNARLing--Yes! I can't wait to see your new A5! You must post about it when it arrives.

    @CP--Thank you! I did make them using scrapbook paper.

    @Alison--Thanks so much! I wish I could claim some secret genius arty talent, but I swear, all I did was trace out the existing tabs in my Filofax onto the backs of scrapbooking paper. Since I wanted the dividers to be a little on the thicker side, I traced out both front and back, then used glue dots to bind them together. Then I just hole punched for the rings. (Did that make sense? Maybe I should a blog post? Fun! Craft time!)

    @Rori--Thanks! I'm used to carrying ginormous bags stuffed full of pull-ups, toys, snacks, books, extra clothes (for my little one), so I didn't really notice a weight difference when I added the A5. (Of course, there is also the possibility that I list to the right whenever I walk.)

    @Sandra--Thanks! Since I only carry my A5 during the work week, it's not taxing at all--I don't do a lot of walking. At weekends, I do switch to my Personal Piazza as there is much more running around (and chasing after a very adventurous 3-year-old.)

  9. Great creative job! What brand of A5 punch do you use, and how is it working?

  10. Ooooooh!!If you ever want to sell it...I am longing for an A5 Spring Green :o))

  11. *love* those butterfly divider pages!!